The Desire Of My Heart


It was last quarter of 2018, October 16th, or thereabouts, when a message from Mr. B, my HR, lit up my phone screen. I opened it with a mix of anticipation and curiosity. The message contained an offer from the prestigious Promise Medical Center, nestled in the heart of Dopemu, Lagos. The position they were offering me was that of an HMO Officer. My heart skipped a beat, and a surge of excitement rushed through me.


Unable to contain my enthusiasm, I blurted out, "This is it! This is where I'm going to meet my future wife." Laughter erupted around me as my friends and family shared in my excitement. Onyeka, always the jester, chimed in, "Bros Alex, nawa oo!" My younger sister, ever the realist, shook her head and said, "We'll see about that, Alex."


Little did I know that destiny had a peculiar sense of humor, and the story was about to take an unexpected turn.

I joined Promise Medical Center with high hopes and a heart full of dreams. The first few months were a whirlwind of learning, hard work, and adapting to the fast-paced environment of a healthcare institution.


Every day was an adventure, and I was thriving in my role as an HMO Officer.

As time passed, I met many remarkable people, but the one I was searching for, the one who would capture my heart, remained elusive. It seemed as if fate had a different plan, one that didn't involve me finding love in the corridors of a hospital.


Then, one ordinary day, as I was engrossed in my work, I heard a gentle knock on my office door. I looked up and there, standing before me, was the most enchanting woman I had ever laid eyes on. Her name was Oreoluwa, from department of pharmacy at Promise Medical Center dopemu.


Our eyes met, and time seemed to stand still. In that moment, I realized that water don pass garri....

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